Natural Health


Natural health supplements maybe used to supplement traditional medicines, especially if you are experiencing side effects.  Also to enhance your well being, many of us have busy lifestyles and find it difficult to ensure a healthy diet. They may boost our nutritional status.



Antibiotics work by destroying bacteria that live in our bodies. They may not only eliminate harmful bacteria, but also the good bacteria that live in our gut. Your pharmacist recommends a probiotic to restore and rebalance your intestinal health and boost immunity.



Statins work to reduce cholesterol in our bodies. In doing so, they reduce the production of coenzyme Q10 used in our body for the manufacture and utilisation of energy in every cell of our body. Your Pharmacist recommends a high strength CoQ10 to help improve heart health and energy levels.

Oral Contraceptives


Long term use of “The Pill” can deplete your body stores of nutrients such as folid acid and vitamins A,E,C and B which can cause problems with mood and immunity. Your Pharmacist recommends a high strength multivitamin formula.

Arthritis and Mobility


To assist with inflamed or stiff joints, we recommend a natural joint mobility formula containing Glucosamine and Chondrotin. These ingredients, along with Omega-3, support the natural formulation of cartilage and connective tissue needed for healthy, mobile joints.

Cold sores and Shingles


Cold sores are often triggered during seasonal changes and times of stress. Your Pharmacist recommends the use of a  Lysine supplement which can help maintain your resistance and promote healing.  For additional support, a formula with Zinc and Vitamin C would also be beneficial.



Magnesium has been shown to support normal muscle tone and encourage relaxation, as well as having a calmimg effect on the nervous system. Your Pharmacist recommends a Magnesium product to assist in preventing and relieving migraine, headaches, muscle cramps and insomnia.



Cranberry has been shown to discourage harmful bacteria sticking to the urinary tract, preventing urinary tract infections. Cranberry also contains substances that can be harmful for masking urinary odours associated with incontinence. Your Pharmacist recommends Cranberry to assist in these conditions.



Thrush is a fungal infection caused by an overgrowth of yeast. Antibiotic use may cause a yeast imbalance, which may result in thrush. Your Pharmacist recommends a “probiotic” treatment to restore and rebalance healthy vaginal flora. Remember, if you get thrush treatments are available at your pharmacy.

Please ask one of our friendly dispensary staff for more information on which products may help support your condition and the medicines you are currently taking.