Build your immunity in time for winter

When your immune system is strong, you have a better chance of fighting off colds and other infections. It may seem like winter is a way off yet, but it’s a good idea to be proactive and start building up your immunity now.


Unichem has 5 top tips to help you build your immunity this season:


1. Get your Flu Shot


Influenza, commonly called the flu, can be a serious illness. Flu can be anywhere and unfortunately being fit and healthy does not protect you from the influenza virus. The best protection is to get your annual Flu Shot. That way you protect yourself and lessen the chance of spreading the flu to your family, friends and co-workers.

The earlier you get your Flu Shot, the sooner you’re protected.

Talk to your local Unichem Pharmacist about getting your Flu Shot this season.


2.Get a good night’s sleep


People often wear their lack of sleep like a badge of honour but the truth is, skipping on sleep doesn’t get any of us ahead. In fact ongoing sleep deficiency can lead to weight gain, depression and an impaired immune system. Our immune system is designed to help protect us from colds and other ailments but when it’s not functioning properly, it can’t do it’s job.

Ensure you get your 7-9 hours every night.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, talk to your Unichem Pharmacist who will be able to talk you through the various options available and what’s right for you.


3. Keep your body moving


A simple way to strengthen your immune system is to exercise. Try to get regular moderate exercise, like a daily 30 min walk.


4. Eat your antioxidants


Your daily food choices can make a huge difference in your overall health and in how you feel.

Fruits and vegetables will give you nutrients to guard against free radicals, molecules that can harm cells. To get a wide range, choose colourful foods like oranges, green peppers, broccoli, carrots, kiwifruit and leafy greens. Garlic is also a great food to add to your diet to support your immune system.

For the creative foodie, your local Unichem has a great range of Superfoods products containing beetroot, kale, acai berry, camu camu, cacao and more. These powders are a great way to add nutrients in to your diet.


5. Consider supplements


It’s ideal to try and get your nutrients from whole food sources but some people next extra nutritional support in the form of vitamins and supplements.

There are a number of natural health options to support your immune system.

Talk to your Pharmacist about:

  • A good quality Probiotic to help keep your gut healthy.
  • Products containing Zinc and Vitamin C that are good for building immunity.
  • Olive leaf to support the body’s defences.
  • Selenium, which acts an antioxidant to protect our body against damage and many people are deficient in.